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Bordallo Outdoors Store

Bordallo Outdoors Store

Metal detectors are our business and at Bordallo Outdoors Store we are proud to support archeologists and professional treasure hunters all over the world with our metal detectors.
Fun For the Whole Family! Go out all together to see what you can find. Join a metal detecting club to get together with other hobbyists or attend a planned treasure hunt. Many often have special hunts for kids. Whether you attend a planned event or just explore your own town, metal detecting can help your family discover treasures and more about the area you are searching. You might not even need to leave your home town. Spend the weekend searching the abandoned factory on the other side of town or the camp grounds an hour or two away. Get a Metal Detecting Guide that pertains to your state or search area to discover new search locations. Whether you decide to travel or stay put, you can still have a great vacation and use your metal detectors in new areas to find the unexpected.
But not only prospectors can use this special metal detecting equipment. Our geophysical measuring instruments are also usable for military and industrial tasks like the detection of tunnels and cavities, pipelines, metal targets and other anomalies deep in the ground.

Bordallo Outdoors Store | Metal Detectors

Located in Miami Florida but serving  all USA, Bordallo Outdoors carry a large amount of metal detectors products from well known brands like Bounty Hunter, Daisy, Garrett Metal Detectors, Garrett, Fury Tactical, Lesche, Winchester, Garret, Nebo, Hunter, Tanfoglio, PS Products, Garreett, Treasure, Sig Sauer , more blow…

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